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Al-Qudwah Association performs Ramadhan activities. We collaborate with the Residents Committee of Jurong West Avenue 3 Neighborhood.

We perform Tarawih Prayer / Taskirah Ramadhan & Iftar in the multi-purpose hall of Blk 274 , Jurong West Street 25.

We provide Iftar with members and families as well as members of the public.

Qurban / Aqeeqah

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Al-Qudwah Association provides services for Qurban & Aqeeqah Sacrifices. It will be carried out in Ibad Ar-Rahman Islamic Boarding School which is located in Rural Training, Pandeglang, Banten. Indonesia . Qurban is carried out annually during the Hajj period. While Aqeeqah Sacrifice is available throughout the year as required by members or public.

Price for a goat is S$210.

To order please contact your friendly Aqeeqah representatives in respective PAQ classes or

Mr Aziz Osman
H / P : +65 9856-0021