Your Secret Talent for Reading Auras

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Which is the one universal talent for reading auras? Clairvoyance? No, that’s only what many spiritual seekers think… to their detriment. In the emerging 21st century field of Energy Spirituality, healing is done directly through making contact with a person’s energy field or aura. Miraculous healing can ensue, and “everyday” healing with Energy Spirituality includes […]

When to Have Sex in a New Relationship

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Most of us want to feel chosen, connected and cared for. Unfortunately, it’s easy to be fooled into thinking you are falling in love, and one of the sure ways to cloud your judgment about your new partner is having sex too soon. Here are the top reasons how a hasty decision to have sex […]

Wedding Photography in Brisbane – Relive the Cherished Moments

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Wedding are special, no doubt. The moments are blissful and timeless. How about capturing such blissful moments of joy and togetherness? Yes, it’s time you give a thought to hiring professional services for making sure that the pictures come out looking perfectly delightful. Many times, couples do not pay much attention to the pictures, this […]